Benefits of a Family Dentist

According to the Center for Disease Control, it turns out that 13% of all kids in the USA are suffering from undiagnosed dental caries (cavities)? Not only that, but roughly a quarter of all adults have untreated dental caries as well! 

While the fact that 86% of all children have seen a dentist in the past year is good, that number good be higher! Especially considering that the same is true of only 65% of adults.

Here at Team Popp Dental, we want you to know that the benefits of having a dedicated family dentist are many and valuable. Read on to learn more! 

It’s just convenient! 

No matter if you have a huge family or just one little guy or girl, rounding everyone up for an individual appointment can take a huge chunk of time out of your day. That means a bunch of juggling school and work schedules to keep everyone in good dental health. If your family is on the larger side, having to deal with different appointments on different days is a hassle you simply don’t need! 

Rather than dealing with all of that, consider the benefits that come from coordinating everyone’s appointments with your new family dentist. Dr. Tom, Dr. Colton, Dr. Leah, and Dr. Bryson Popp will work with you and your family to ensure a schedule that works for you. No more trying to juggle multiple appointments! You can set one single day for appointments for everyone in the family! With everyone visiting the same dentist on the same day, you’ll have a much easier time ensuring that nobody misses an appointment. Plus, it’ll free up those valuable blocks of time you need to get your priorities taken care of! The benefits of a family dentist include injecting some serious ease and comfort into your scheduling difficulties. Why waste time scheduling a bunch of different appointments at different times throughout your already-busy week? Instead, go ahead and save the time and gas you’d be wasting on multiple appointments by taking one single family trip to the dentist. Not only that but you’ll be saved the inconvenience of having to take your kids out of school at different times. 

Sounds pretty sweet to us! 

Form lasting, valuable relationships! 

One great reason to choose a family dentist is that this will allow both parents and children to form an important long-term relationship with a competent professional like Dr. Top, Dr. Colton, Dr. Leah, and Dr. Bryson Popp. This means your child will have a consistent figure for their dental health needs through school and college and can even keep the same dentist as an adult, provided they stay in or around Chattanooga! These long-term relationships ensure your family has the confidence that comes from an open working relationship with a professional they can trust. 

These sorts of relationships put children who might otherwise feel uncomfortable with a stranger at ease, allowing them to get the most out of their regularly-scheduled appointments. The more comfortable they are with their dentist, the more effectively they can communicate any issues or concerns they may have. This means your dentist has a better chance of catching any oral health issues that may present with symptoms that might be missed if they didn’t speak up! 

You’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your dentist sees you as a member of their community and not just a number. When you go in to see the same specialist over the years and decades, that builds a relationship built on trust and mutual understanding that goes a long way, providing benefits you just won’t get from a stranger. Your family dentist will have a working knowledge of your family’s medical and dental history, which can be a major boon when it comes to spotting any changes that may point to underlying health concerns. A family dentist has access to knowledge of any surgeries, allergies, or medical sensitivities that may be relevant to your dental care. 

This means they can also consider any past dental issues your family may have had as well. For instance, in the case that one member of the family has a genetic condition, this means that your family dentist will have a better understanding of how to care for everyone in the family. They’re able to track any symptoms from appointment to appointment, making sure you receive the best possible care. 

These kinds of long-lasting relationships you forge with a family dentist just aren’t reproducible in a one-time dental visit. 

Benefits of a family dentist

Set your family up for success! 

You’ve gone out of your way to learn more about the benefits of a family dentist. That’s great! Not only will you get the awesome advantages you’ve read about, but there’s a whole lot more to learn. Schedule your free consultation with Chattanooga’s favorite dental practice to learn more! 

At Team Popp, you know we take family seriously, because we are literally a family! Dr. Tom is so proud to work with Dr. Colton, Dr. Leah, and Dr. Bryson, since not only are they top-of-the-line dental professionals, but they’re also his kids!

And that’s the kind of practice you’re forming a relationship with when you choose Team Popp as your family dentists. We take two things seriously – Dentistry, and family! 

We can’t wait to see you smile!