Explore the Benefits of Our Membership Club Insurance Alternative

Not everyone has access to dental insurance, and not everyone wants it. But why should insurance be your only option for making dental care affordable and accessible? At Team Popp Dental, we recognized the need for a dental insurance alternative for our patients in Chattanooga, so we established our very own Membership Club. In this blog, we’ll explore the benefits of our Membership Club insurance alternative so you can make the most informed decision about your dental care payment plan possible. 

How Does It Work? 

Joining our Membership Club is easy, affordable, and beneficial to all of our Chattanooga patients. Team Popp Dental offers five different Membership options to cover a wide range of dental needs and age groups. Choose from the infant, child, teen, adult, or perio categories or mix and match to create your own family plan that ensures your loved ones have access to care without a hitch. 

Each Membership subscription includes regular dental care and maintenance at no additional cost like two professional dental cleanings, one emergency exam, and needed fluoride treatments each year. To kick off your Membership, you’ll pay a single $99 lifetime activation fee which includes your first month of coverage. After that, you’ll pay in small monthly installments to maintain your subscription and gain access to unmatched patient care. 

Team Popp Dental’s Membership Club is exclusive to our office and patients, so it can’t be transferred to other care providers – although we see this as a perfect opportunity to make us your designated dental home! As we grow our doctor-patient relationship, you’ll find that joining the Membership Club was the easiest and best decision you ever made for your dental care. 


With so many benefits included in your Membership Club subscription, you’ll wonder why you didn’t join sooner!

Your Care, Your Way

Working with insurance companies often means you have little to no control over your own treatment plan. When your insurance can deny coverage for treatment it deems unnecessary on paper, you could end up forfeiting a procedure you really need or want. The problem is, so many aspects of your medical care just don’t translate “on paper,” and you deserve to decide what is necessary for your own care. 

As a Team Popp Dental Member, dental care decisions are completely between you and your dentist, no distant outside companies involved. You’ll enjoy your care, your way for as long as you remain a Member with us. 

Don’t Bother with Deductibles

Most insurance plans require you to meet a set deductible before coverage kicks in. This leads to costly payments on top of your regular monthly billing cycle, and that can add up quickly. 

Our Membership Club offers immediate access to your payment benefits, including discounted care and included maintenance visits at no additional cost to you. 

Skip the Hassle of Working with an Insurance Company

Let’s face it: no one likes completing piles of paperwork, spending hours on the phone, or arguing your case with a distant insurance agent who has no idea who you are as a person or what your dental needs entail. With insurance companies, this image is the reality, 

As an insurance alternative, Team Popp Dental’s Membership Club cuts out the middleman, so your care remains between you and your dentist. That means you develop a stronger doctor-patient relationship and feel seen and heard by people who know you personally and understand your dental needs. Have questions? Simply ask your dentist in-person at your next appointment. Want to update your Membership status? It’s just a few clicks away. 

Membership takes the hassle out of care, so you can focus on what really matters: your smile. 

Transparent Billing with No Surprise Payments

Unfortunately, it’s common for medical costs processed through insurance companies to result in surprise bills that you didn’t even know you would need to pay. When you don’t know what you’ll owe on the front end, you might be less inclined to seek the treatment you really need – and even if you do seek treatment, you may feel anxious and worried about the bills to come. 

Membership means transparent billing. Most of your dental needs will be covered automatically through your monthly subscription, so you won’t face any additional charges at any maintenance appointment. No surprise billing? That’s a happier you. 

Maximize Treatment for Your Age Group & Dental Needs

Dental care is not a one-size-fits-all journey. Depending on your age and dental needs, you will need different levels of care throughout your lifetime, and your coverage plan should match that. 

Our insurance alternative offers multiple options that allow you to choose plans based on need, giving you the flexibility to maximize your plan and save you money over the long run. 

Access to Discounts

When you opt in for Team Popp Dental’s Membership Club, you get access to a range of discounts and patient perks. Need to straighten your smile? Your Membership gives you $500 off fixed braces and $250 off Invisalign treatment. Looking for another in-house treatment? You’ll get 15% off all other treatments we offer. Want to win a cool prize? You’re automatically entered in to any giveaways our office offers!

Explore the Benefits of Our Membership Club Insurance Alternative

Make Your Smile Popp!

Everyone deserves access to the smile of their dreams, and our Membership Club makes that possible. From major discounts to gaining control over your own care plan, you’ll find that Membership has more perks than you ever imagined! 

If you’re interested in becoming a Member, call our office in Chattanooga to get started today!